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UBS is proud to introduce Safe-Frac™, our revolutionary and patented water recycling process for the Oil & Gas Industry.

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UBS Envirolyte O&G™ Biocide

UBS Envirolyte O&G™ Biocide offers you a safe, 100% effective and biodegradable alternative to traditional chemical biocides for controlling bacteria in crude oil production and processing.

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Our patented process has proven to be the perfect “Green” and 100% effective solution for fracturing and recycling oil and frac water, only from Universal Bacteria Specialist (UBS).

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SPILL KIT 35S contains a plant derived Biosurfactant mix called BIOSURF, and beneficial micro-organisms in BCP 35S that can rapidly degrade a wide range of hydrocarbons.

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Envirolyte O&G™ - The Biocide of choice


UBS manufactures 100% effective, environmentally-friendly products to eliminate contamination of water reservoirs and reduce the footprint of the O&G industry.

Envirolyte O&G™

Factor #1


Factor #2

Costs 20% less than traditional chemical biocides

Factor #3

Proven High Bacteria Kill-Rate

Factor #4


Factor #5

Long-lasting effectiveness

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