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Help improve water quality in your community and beyond!

Beautiful community pond positively impacted by the neighborhood's efforts to promote great water quality.

Help keep aquatic sanctuaries beautiful and healthy.

August is National Water Quality Month. In celebration, we are sharing our topwater quality tips for how you can help in your community and beyond! It all starts with stormwater pollution prevention.

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater runoff is created when rain or water lands on hard surfaces, such as pavement or rooftops. Instead of being soaked into the ground, it is carried to streams, lakes, and ponds. Along the way, it picks up pollutants. Water that goes down storm drains is NOT treated at water treatment plants. This can all greatly impact water quality and environmental health. How can you help prevent stormwater pollution and improve water quality?

Top 10 Water Quality Tips:

  1. Never pour chemicals down storm drains and always keep drains clear of debris
  2. Consider using compost and/or organic fertilizer. If you do use fertilizer or pesticide, read labels carefully. Only use the least amount needed or better yet, have your soil tested!
  3. Do not use fertilizers or pesticides before it rains.
  4. Plant native plants and trees on your property.
  5. Pick up litter and dispose of all trash properly.
  6. Pick up pet waste and dispose of properly.
  7. Use commercial car washes, they typically recycle water before sending it for treatment. If you do wash your car at home, do so on grass or gravel.
  8. Maintain your vehicle to minimize leaks. If you work on your vehicle at home, use drip pans and clean up spills as soon as possible!
  9. Never dispose of medicines in the toilet or down any drains.
  10. Always dispose of hazardous household chemicals and materials properly. Consider using non-toxic cleaners when possible.

Remember if it is on the pavement, it can be carried to your local bodies of water. Follow our water quality tips for your health and the health of all aquatic sanctuaries!

Pond Management, Lake Management, and More!

Dragonfly Pond Works helps clients discover their sanctuary. We are an environmental services company that customizes water beautification solutions, creating a natural pond, lake, and wetland refuges for residents, property owners, and community members to enjoy. Our practices work in harmony with nature, but also within your budget.

As experienced specialists in pond and lake management, our designs transform retention ponds, sand filters, stormwater basins, underground detention facilities, and other types of aquatic systems into healthy and integrated waterscapes. Our low-impact dredging and shoreline restoration services bring new life to your aquatic space.

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Post Author: Gabe Griffin